Water Systems

HECO provides the complete range of services necessary to provide communities with a safe, dependable supply of potable water.  Water treatment expertise is essential to meeting the requirement of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) amendments.  The HECO Team has designed conventional treatment facilities up to 10 MGD.  The HECO Team also has developed and implemented membrane, ozone, and ion exchange technologies for more complex treatment problems.  The HECO Team includes experts in the planning and design of water supply dams and reservoirs and the raw water intake and pumping systems associated with these facilities. 

Our water supply, treatment, and distribution services include: wastewater

  • Source Water Characterization
  • Water Resource Planning
  • Water Rights Permitting
  • Water supply studies and system planning
  • Groundwater modeling and wellfield design
  • Water Well Design & Rehabilitation
  • Wellhead and Source Water Protection Assessment
  • Water supply dams and reservoirs
  • Arsenic Treatment Evaluation and Design
  • Nitrate Treatment Evaluation and Design
  • Water Treatment Plant Design SDWA compliance / Best technology evaluations
  • Distribution system modeling and transmission main design
  • Water Distribution System Modeling, Fire Flow Analysis, and Design
  • Water Storage Evaluation, Sizing, and Design
  • Pumping System Design
  • Pressure Reduction Station Evaluation and Design
  • Control System Design