Wastewater Systems

HECO offers demonstrated experience in the design of new wastewater treatment plants as well as the modification of existing facilities and collection systems.  Designs have ranged from simple, physical processes used for pretreatment, to complex, multiple-process plants where the wastewater is treated to levels allowing discharge to sensitive groundwater or surface waters, or potential reuse.

HECO has prepared designs for the full spectrum of treatment technologies, including biological treatment processes, physio-chemical treatment processes and residuals management.  HECO Engineers also offer design capabilities in the appurtenant processes, including collection and interception systems, and effluent pipeline design and rehabilitation.


HECO wastewater services include: wastewater

  • Facilities planning, studies, and conceptual designs
  • Treatability studies
  • Pilot Testing studies
  • NPDES permitting, receiving stream modeling, and TMDL analysis
  • Preliminary and final design for biological, physical, and chemical treatment processes and biosolids handling/disposal
  • Design of appurtenant processes, including pump stations and collection systems
  • Complete design support services including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and SCADA departments
  • Construction management services including scheduling, bidding assistance, contract administration, and contract close-out
  • Facility start-up and operational assistance
  • Sanitary Sewer Management Plans