Roads and Pathways

HECO has planned, designed, and supervised the construction of a vast variety roads, trails and pathways.  Among the HECO Team’s clients are federal agencies, state departments of transportation, municipalities, and metropolitan planning organizations.  For design and construction projects, our transportation, drainage, and roadway specialists are known for their on time, on-budget performance.  Using digital terrain model data and GEOPAK software, HECO approaches roadway design as a well-defined and executable process.

Our experience includes the following:

  • Transportation Master Planning
  • Surface Evaluation and Management
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • Route Option Identification
  • Right-of-way Evaluation
  • Road or Pathway Classification
  • Construction Standards
  • Railroad Crossing Design and Permitting
  • Street and Road Design
  • Campground Design
  • Mountain Trails and Greenbelt Pathway Design