City/County Engineer

cityHECO has a unique understanding and knowledge of the role of an appointed city engineer and county engineer.  

HECO has provided city and county engineer services as the municipality’s appointed engineer for over 30 years.  HECO understands the importance of planning and preparation as communities grow and connect.  The City Engineer is responsible to describe the municipality’s present situation, analyze alternatives, and propose a specific course of action from an engineering perspective.  Typical of smaller communities, staff resources and available capital is often limited.  In our role as appointed Engineer, we address challenges with recommendations of how the City can proceed with implementation schedules for funding and improvements. 
HECO provides our municipal clients with a single point of contact who will be their city or county engineer but they still have access to HECO’s full staff of engineers with a variety of expertise.  On any project, a city or county will have access to a full engineering department as needed.  This allows smaller communities to have direct access to an entire staff that they could not otherwise afford. 

HECO actively advocates and facilitates a management plan that incorporates both an integrated design and team approach to utilities and projects.  This approach is particularly effective in our role as City and County Engineer when we are managing projects that have multiple goals and multiple stakeholders.  

Our engineers are experienced in the wide variety of services required by municipalities including:

  • General Civil Engineering tasks
    • Water / Sewer systems
    • Roadways / Storm Drainage
    • Topographic Mapping
    • Structural Engineering
    • Planning, parks, public improvements
  • Rate studies
    • Development of System Development Charges (SDC’s)
    • Water/Sewer rate studies
    • Local Improvement District (LID)
    • Bonds/Loans/Judicial Confirmation
    • Impact Fee Analysis
  • Studies
    • Water master planning
    • Sewer master planning
    • Roadway/transportation master planning
    • Project feasibility studies
    • Due diligence reporting
    • Fee/rate/impact
  • Planning and Zoning
    • Ordinance revisions/updates
    • Commercial and residential development review
    • Comprehensive plan revisions/update
    • Public involvement/workshops/Council meetings
    • General assistance with City Staff on planning issues
    • Annexation/city expansion
    • Urban growth boundary negotiations
  • Mapping
    • City Zoning
    • Utility
    • GIS
  • Funding and bonding of projects
    • Federal and state grant/loan program assistance
    • Local Improvement Districts (LID)
    • Judicial Confirmation hearings
    • Bonding/City loans
    • Bond elections
    • Public involvement/workshops